Design matters


While approval of our clients is the ultimate source of professional happiness, we'd be lying if we said we didn't enjoy our own building satisfaction.   We do things because the design is worth executing.

BUILD matters

We love the opportunity to get people thinking about space as an integral part of the human experience. We try to think about the future with 

every material we use.


Every space is different. Every place has its unique reason for existing.
Artistic productions take a thousand ideas before arriving at the perfect one for a project or client. It's a necessary part of the creative process and one that we take seriously.  

  • Start with a project design idea-yours- the client
  • We create a list using key words and phrases to generate 'the what you want'
  • Use the list to arrive at the 3 top project objectives
  • Use the top 3 project objectives to brainstorm project goals in relation to materials. colors, and plants.
  • Put project list aside for at least 2 weeks to let them change.  You change, it doesn't.  
  • Talk about materials and budget
  • Create a plan based on objectives that includes final budget. final materials and timeline